Practice Anything To Be Great At Everything

Allow me to go off topic for a minute.

This is a thought which had been percolating in my head recently and I need to get it out of my head, get it out of my system. Putting things down on paper has a way of clearing it out of the mind.

Do you have something you want to be great at? Obviously you do, we all have dreams. And we’ve been taught from a young age that practice makes perfect, to excel at anything requires effort.

But what we are not taught is that true over achievers practice everything –Tweet this

Ever practiced smiling in the mirror? Ever practiced a conversation before you had it? Ever practiced the facial expressions or the way you will sit in your chair for a big meeting?

Here is a secret; many of the people you see as being great at any of those things or in any of those situations, practiced it. A lot.

And while talking to yourself in a room may make you feel foolish, you’ll thank yourself later when you feel comfortable talking to a reporter on the phone or asking your boss for a raise.

And feeling comfortable means you will feel confident. And when you feel confident, you project confidence. And then you are gold.

As an SEO, I think in terms of SEO, which means I apply this secret to things like client meetings, and talking to the press. But you can apply it to whatever you want to. And that is what makes this so powerful.

So go practice something. In your head even. And change your life!