Outreach – Twitter vs. Email

So many articles have been written about how to design and structure an awesome outreach email.

Many articles have been written about how to connect with a target before an outreach email.

Something I don’t see mentioned as often is the power of reaching out on Twitter. I wish I could pull the numbers and show real data, but off of the top of my head I’d have to say that Twitter outreach typically gives ten times the results when used preceding an email, over using email alone.

When scouting out a site for a potential link opportunity, find a Twitter account for the site if it’s a one person site, or if a specific author if it’s a multi-author website.

Check to see how active that person is on Twitter, do they tweet on a pretty consistent basis, do they answer people who tweet at them? Too big is also a problem, if they are followed by ten thousand people it will probably be a struggle to cut through the noise.

Once you’ve located a Twitter account that seems like it is worth targeting, you are good to go. “Bob, I see you wrote about flux capacitors recently, how can I reach you with some cool info?” A simple tweet like that can really help your prospects of getting a link. Surprisingly often you’ll find that people respond with their email address. Often, it’s the same email address publicly available on their website but now they are expecting your email and you’ve made the all important connection.

Email them immediately and then tweet to tell them you’ve sent it along.

Most importantly, don’t fear rejection, and keep at it!

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  1. Steven, do you think that you could do as ewell on the phone if you weren’t afraid of picking up up the phone? Just a thought…

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