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Update October 31st 2012:

Since the recent redesign the bookmarklet and this button haven’t been working. If and when that changes I will update this post.


Update December 17th:

Working again!

This morning i helped AJ Kohn test a bookmarklet that lets you check the status of your Google Authorship from any site. I was inspired. So I hacked together (stole the bookmarklet code and modified it slightly) a button that allows users to share your content on, the newest, hottest site in the world of Inbound Marketing.

This is my first coding attempt so beware, but it works perfectly for me. I stole the arrow upvote image from, so you can steal it off me. Then, grab the code below, upload the image, correct the image source and GO GO GO!

<a href=”javascript:(function(){var jsCode = document.createElement(‘script’);jsCode.setAttribute(‘src’, ‘’);document.body.appendChild(jsCode);}());”>
<img src=”Insert Image Source Here” width=”35px” height=”35px”/></a>

Update: You can now add an button to Shareaholic. Things are really rocking for this exciting new site!

15 thoughts on “Add a submit to button to your website

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    • That’s absolutely awesome! Seems not to work on my site though. My posts disappear when I tried it. When I have a moment I’ll run it on a test site.

    • Thanks for checking in Andrew.

      I agree, the SEO community is great at pumping stuff out very very quickly, it’s in our DNA I guess :).

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      • Bugger, didn’t actually work for me. Is there some script I need to add to the header area perhaps? The button displayed and appeared to have the right code behind it but when I clicked it nothing happened.

        • Thanks for stopping by Mark.

          Hmmm, I don’ t know what the problem could be, I’m using the same code as the official bookmarklet, and that seems to work fine on your site. Stumped 🙁

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